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St. Croix Rescue Academy

To All instructors

A note from our training center coordinator


Please allow me to take this opportunity to welcome you to the St. Croix Rescue Academy - International Training Center. I applaud you on your decision and commitment to training the public and healthcare community in the different AHA disciplines.

Our Training Center promotes the mission of the American Heart Association, fighting heart disease and stroke, by offering quality AHA training courses in CPR- Basic life support, advanced cardiac life support and
pediatric advanced life support to our Virgin Islands citizens. 

I encourage you to take the time to read through the information in this handbook. I believe it will assist you to be better prepared for affiliation with this ITC and for teaching your classes. 


Again, welcome to our Academy. I am glad you are a part of this very special group. Feel free to contact me at any time; I am here to assist you.

Best regards,

Gregory N. Richards, TCC