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St. Croix Rescue Academy

EKG & Pharmacology

12-lead EKG Course

 In this course A & P of the heart will be reviewed, including the conduction system and circulatory system. Lay out of the ECG. Essentials of the 12 lead ECG, including lead placement and interpretation. Discussion on how the pathophysiology of the acute MI process affects the normal 12- lead ECGs and the average times in which such effects are evidenced. Identify normal 12-lead ECGs, ST segments, isoelectric lines, J points, R-Wave progression. There is no book required for this course. Hand-outs will be given.


This course is designed as a basic ECG course for healthcare professionals wishing to enhance their level of training to include Anatomy and Physiology of the cardiac system, EKG placement and operation of equipment to achieve a successful EKG and successful recognition of lethal and non-lethal dysrythmias. This 8 hour course will be considered completed after the student attends each session completely and achieves a minimum score of 80% on the final test. A certificate of completion will be awarded at the end of the program and 1.6 CEU’s will be issued.

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